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Thursday, 5 June 2014

 1. Pantene 2 Minute colour damage rescue masque 2. Body Shop Tea Tree Cleanser 3. Pantene Dry Oil 4. No7 Stay Perfect Superlight  Foundation 5. Next Just Pink Perfume 6. Essie 'Wicked' 7.Sleek Contouring and blush palette 'light' 6. Mac blush 'blazing haute'
1. Pantene 2 Minute Colour Damage Rescue Masque
I recently extremely damaged my hair, when a lady in a dodgy salon bleached my hair. It was a disaster! After this terrible incident I woke up several mornings after with my hair all of the bed, I couldn't brush it without clumps coming away, my hair was extremely split and dry. I used a couple of different treatments before I found this Pantene one, and none has worked as well as this. Although it does say leave in for two minutes, I left it for at least 10 minutes to get the best results, and it worked wonders, I was able to brush my hair through nice and easily with hardly any knots or tangles. I would definitely recommend.
2. Body Shop Tea Tree Cleanser
I'm not a person who uses a lot of products when it comes to my face because it is extremely sensitive and so water it usually the other substance I will clean my face with, but I found this cleanser on a 3 for 2 offer in Body Shop and I heard the Tea Tree was a great product for achieving clearer skin. I haven't used it as much to say it has given me that incredible, flawless looking skin but it 100% refreshes it after a long day of wearing makeup.
3. Pantene Dry Oil
Another Pantene product to speak out, I was part time as an assistant in a hair salon and day to day I see the stylists use a good load of Label M oil, which is quite pricey so I decided to go for a cheaper one, this stood out to me because it was on offer in Superdrug and I do actually quite like it. One thing that stands out to me is the smell, it does smell amazing and it also leaves that amazing refreshing smell all over the hair. It also doesn't make your hair super greasy which is a main point, a lot of oils I've used in the past are extremely greasy and means your hair will need another wash the next day.
4. No7 Stay Perfect, Superlight Foundation
I had my eye on this foundation for a good while now after seeing a few beauty bloggers/vloggers speak about it, and it was said that it's a lot like the Chanel vita lumiere, which I can't compare because I haven't use it before but I do extremely like this No7 one. I was in Jersey a few weeks ago and took a trip to Boots, and I was hovering over the counter, when one of the lovely ladies asked to match a colour for me and she used this really cool tool which matched the correct colour to my skin tone, amazing! go try it out. I ended up with 'Cool Vanilla' if you are interested. I've been applying this with a sponge because I find it works really well and gives me more coverage, and I think I've decided to only use this foundation on important occasions because its too nice.
5. Next 'Just Pink' Perfume
This perfume is super cheap but smells divine. I'm smothering myself in it as I type and it smells so refreshing (not the best at describing smells) and perfect for summer. 75ml cost me £12, which is a bargain and it's from Next which I wouldn't personally expect something as gorgeous to come from, but I recommend this 100%.
6. Essie 'Wicked'
I've had this nail polish since January when I went to Paris, and I heard a lot about Essie polishes in general but I also heard a lot of reviews on this particular colour, and because I am such an obsessive person for dark colours this was the perfect one. I have used it ever since I got it and the brush is fairly wide so super easy to paint. One downfall is when it dries it goes quite matte, whereas I prefer quite glossy colours, but if you put a shine coat on top, it's perfect.
7. Sleek Contouring and Blush Set
I really love Sleek cosmetics as do a lot of other people its designer quality at a drug store price, in my opinion but then again I haven't tried tons of designer makeup. I had my eye on this particular palette for a while and finally went for it a while back, and although the bronzer is slightly too dark for what I like and the blush is slightly too pink and shimmery, the highlight is wonderful. I use this highlight every single day for the a nice smooth, not too over the top glow, and this palette is only £10.
8. MAC blush 'blazing haute'
When I first got this blusher about a year ago, I disliked it quite a bit, but since the beginning of this year it's the only blusher I will use. I definitely think coral and peachy colours compliment my skin tone really well and I always get a lot of compliments when I wear this. It's not the most pigmented but it's definitely buildable.

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