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Thursday, 19 June 2014

I recently took a quick trip to the shopping centre to buy a friend a gift, and I've always loved The Body Shop, so I thought they usually do amazing gifts why not have a look. After a little brief browsing I didn't purchase a gift but what I did get was these amazing two products. I primarily picked up the BB cream and a the radiant highlighter which will be reviewed in a post coming shortly. However the lovely lady at the counter told me about the Insta blur which came in a collection with this BB cream and I thought why not try it, so without the amazing, assisting customer service I also got a good bargain.

More on to the products now, so the Insta Blur basically works as a primer/pore minimizer. It smooth's on very nicely and smoothly, leaving you with a nice base to work with and the actual substance is of a thick serum form, which is good because some primers are suited to certain colour skin tones. The All-In-One BB cream was the product I was most bothered about trying out, I had recently been watching plenty of videos on The Body Shop YouTube channel and this product was used a lot. What mainly caught my eye was that it was colour adaption, so the colour of the cream at first is of a white shade but once it is buffed onto the skin it will turn to suit your skin tonne. Now this BB cream comes in two colours it's 00 and 01, which your probably saying to yourself 'well this girl has just said it adapts to your tone so why is there colours'. Well yes this is what I was confused about first but then I was told that 00 is suited to more pink shades and lighter tones, whereas 01 is for my darker skin tones.

I've worn it a couple of times now and I have some upsides and some downsides of it, and I'm mainly just going to be speaking on the BB cream. The good being that I think this will be a perfect product for being on holiday, as I don't particularly like to wear makeup and this product is like wearing nothing with only a hint of coverage, also it's quite annoying having to go out and buy new foundations when you have a tan, this will be the perfect product because obviously it will colour adapt to your new tanned skin tone. The downside being that I wore this to work and I felt looking in the mirrors throughout the day (hair salon) it looked as if I had absolutely no makeup on at all.

As I've said I think this product would be good in situations such as being on holiday, having a tan or times such as going to the gym and working out, however I don't think it's a good product for myself on a daily basis, purely because I feel I need a lot more coverage than what its achieving. Obviously a lot of people reading this may have amazing flawless skin that can get away with it, but I just don't feel comfortable wearing it, in work or social situations.

If you want to see me wearing this duo then click this link to my recently Daily Face #5
And if you want to see a video of this being applied then I found this cool video on The Body Shop YouTube 'No Makeup' Makeup Tutorial
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