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Saturday, 7 June 2014



Festival season is approaching everyone, lets just sing and dance and have a good time. But obviously it's a little bit more complicated than that because us girls like to make an effort or at least I do, I'm guessing you do to though right? well that's why I am here, I'm not a professional makeup artist nor am I a professional hair stylist but what I am is a blogger who likes to give personal tips and opinions. Glad we got that sorted. So the photos I've supplied you with were taken at 2014 Coachella festival which obviously I didn't attend because I would of most probably been stuck here in raining London, but we can't have everything right?
There are so many festivals approaching whether it's the huge Glastonbury or the small Field Day there are tons, and there are also many abroad too. Sadly I only booked one this year which is Wireless which I went to last year and is an amazing day out, having a drink and listening to some pretty cool artists, like Jay Z and Justin Timberlake, pretty darn cool I'd say, so yeah I'm going back this year, to listen to Kanye West that will be amazing. But as I said us girls like to make an effort and look effortlessly festival chic, can we do it? I think we can.
These images were the makeup and hair inspo that stood out to me most. Vanessa Hudgens is just beautiful and has been one of my fashion inspirations for a while, and she looked amazing, I will definitely try to look good with gems, well I hope I look as nice, And those amazing long beachy waved locks look incredible and suits the occasion just right, great work Vanessa!
Next up is Emmy Rossum who just likes gorgeous, doesn't she? The natural makeup with a pop of red on the lips and the contrast with the purple flower band just looks perfect. Her hair is perfect for this occasion those amazing sleek curls. Lastly the Jenner/Kardashion sisters looking beautiful as ever and Kylie is definitely my favourite at the moment out of the K clan, she's gorgeous with or without those huge lips. Back to the beauty though, Kendall had the same idea with the gems and didn't pull it off as good as Vanessa but she still rocks it, they both have very natural makeup which is important at a festival because you have to look as effortless as possible.
Therefore my Beauty tips are natural makeup, possibly a pop of colour on the lip, orange/coral is a big hit this summer. Add some gems around the eyes to add a fun look. Don't do too much with your hair, leave it has effortless as possible, apply some sea salt spray to give it some beachy waves or add some sleek curls and mess it up, so it doesn't look like a red carpet look and add some flowers like Emmy, so good for a festival, bigger the better. Have fun!
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