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Monday, 16 June 2014

Top Picks

1. Blush 2. Powder 3. Brow 4. Buffing
So these brushes are in everyone's makeup pots and it's probably an extremely late post for these particular brushes as they came out a long time ago, but since they have they're all I ever reach for. I have the core collection, the eye shadow collection and some singles such as the power and blush brushes, and also the blender sponge. I've shown them all but I've also shown my favourite four picks out of them all.
1. Blush Brush
This brush is perfect to apply a powder blush, it's super soft and super easy to use. The slight angle of the brush means that it can also be very suitable for applying a contour/bronzer to the cheek bones.
2. Powder
This was my first ever Real Techniques brush and it started the whole craze off. I always, always and always wear powder so when I found this brush I was so happy. It's quite large and again super soft as are all these brushes. It also takes very well to the power, and the powder clings on so you don't need to use too much out of your pot.
3. Brow
I used to use a pencil to shape and fill in my eyebrows but when I finally got this brow brush I decided to switch it up a little a try using a shadow suitable for the brows and this brush made it so easy to apply.
4. Buffing
So this buffing brush was used first to blend in my contour powder to make it a lot more softer, which worked very well, and I can't speak enough about the softness of these brushes. However today I decided to use this brush to buff in my foundation and surprisingly it was amazing to do so. I noticed a lot of people using this brush for foundation in videos on YouTube but it was today I decided to do so and loved it and will probably never look back.
A few plus sides to all the brushes are that they are super easy to clean with some water and makeup brush cleaner, they dry very quickly and become really clean like they are new. They are really cool to look at, come in these three different colours, gold, pink and purple, they look amazing in a brush pot with the collection. And lastly they are not that expensive at all, single brushes are about £9 which can be seen as fairly pricey, however if you go for the core collection which can be purchased for around £20 not much more, you get four brushes which is £5 each basically, and for such good quality brushes it's an amazing bargain. They have some new ones out now which I will link below and I'm hoping to get my hands on some soonish and will review for you all.
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