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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

I have been lusting over as many pairs of chunky sandals as possible and I have already brought a few and there are so many more I wish to purchase. Before I start I will be uploading a post on an online shoe store I came across on Instagram and I will be showing you some of my favourite picks. But for now I'm showing you the ones I already have and I know chunky sandals aren't every ones cup of tea and I know if your like my mum who loves delicate little sandals then these definitely won't be up your street but I do really like them and I have had quite a few compliments.

I put them in order of which ones I purchased first. The first ones are from H&M and they were only £15 which is an absolute bargain, they are all black and quite simple I'd say for a chunky sandal but they are worn perfectly with a pair of skinny jeans or a little drink to add some harshness.  The second pair being my favourite out of them all, I actually haven't had a chance to wear these yet. They were from Primark for £16 which I think is quite expensive for Primark but they are from the Limited Edition range and they feel a lot sturdier and stronger quality then most of their other shoes. They had these in all black as well but because I already have black sandals and I really wanted a metallic pair I thought these were perfect and there not too in your face like silver or gold ones, so I am super happy with these. I didn't buy them too long ago so if you interested then I'd advise you to grab a pair because they were selling fast. The last pair I had my eyes on for a long time, I did actually want the ones with no pattern by they were sold out and so I rested for these ones which I super love. They are also sold in silver and gold. These were from Asos and were only £25, the only down fall was that I'd had these on for about three hours and I already had huge blisters all over my feet, i'll give them another go soon.

If you interested in seeing these shoes styled then do comment in the box below and I will have a post ready for you. And as I said previously I will be doing a post on an online shoe store called 'Public Desire' stay tuned for that soon.
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