Beauty | Daily Face #2

Thursday, 12 June 2014
1. Sephora Concealer 2. Body Shop Lightening Touch 3. Mac Power 4. No7 Superlight foundation 3. Estee lauder Silky Power Blush *Pink Kiss 02* 4. Topshop Glow *Polished* 5. Benefit Badgal lash mascara
Using most of the same base products today as I usually always do, but I've switched around my blush to this gorgeous Estee Lauder one that I actually picked up in duty free a few years ago and I don't think I use it as much as I should. It's a very light pink blush but definitely buildable depending on how pink you like your cheeks. I also used this Topshop cream highlight in the lighter shade which I used a lot when I first got it but then I got more into using powder highlighters. I think cream highlights can look a lot more natural therefore I though with the sun out I'd go for this one. I also changed my mascara to the benefit bad gal lash one which If you read my bad beauty products a few posts back you would of seen this but because my mascaras are running out and this is the only one full and wet enough to use I thought I'd have a go again. However I am still not very liking it, I find the brush just far to large. I'd also like to say my hair wasn't really done when I took the photo and it's definitely a bad hair day so don't take any notice. 
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