Update | The Weekly Vlog #1

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

So this is a little late but it's basically what I got up to last week, with exams season here I needed to do some serious revision and Starbucks helped me with that, in this weather a mango and passion fruit Frappuccino was the only solution and got me through.

Obviously the weather has been amazing here in London with the odd rain shower here and there but a part from that some lovely sun and few clouds obviously because were here in the UK, so I took some time out the top up the tan on the balcony, and as you can see Oskar my little Chihuahua, who actually looks quite large in that photo was sunning with me although he chose the shady part.

I then finished off the week with ONE DIRECTION! I have always been in total love with them as a group and my heart has always been with Harry, you know the curly haired one? Well yeah I booked these tickets last year and it finally come and it was the best day of my life, as you can see I had to queue in that for five hours! and then an extra two hours in the stadium but it was all worth the wait to see the boys. I think I got pretty close to the stage and definitely got a good glimpse of them. I only took about two photos and the rest were videos and some are uploaded onto my Instagram so if you want to see them you know where to go (@jordane240196). I do generally believe I have withdrawal symptoms from that concert and my love for Harry has gone from 100 to, I don't even no, more than a billion, I'm not even sure it's normal, oh well I should get over it soon enough and come back down to reality that I will never find someone like Harry Styles.
What was your week like?
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