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Thursday, 12 June 2014
1. B. Shimmer block 2. Revlon Matte Balm 3.No7 pop and glow cream blush 4. No7 Stay perfect Superlight Foundation

1. B. Shimmer Block
I absolutely love this shimmer block and shimmer blocks overall, on a general basis I love to wear highlight because it gives such a lovely glow and shimmer blocks are basically a highlight and blush 2 in 1, as you can see from the photo it's super glowy and looks beautiful on.
2. Revlon Matte Balm
You have all most probably seen and heard of the colour burst balms sold by Revlon, they sell matte ones and also shinny ones.  I really enjoy this one because I think matte always suits me better than shiny and this colour in particular is lovely for a nice natural pink makeup look. I'd definitely recommend.
3.No7 Pop & Glow cream blush
When I was in a boots store in Jersey a few weeks ago the lovely lady on the No7 counter applied a full face of makeup for me trying out some of there amazing products. This cream blush surprised me quite a lot because I'm not usually good with applying cream blushers but this one was super easy to apply, and the colour is a perfect coral.
4.No7 Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation
I spoke about this foundation in my very first post if I'm correct and I think this would be the perfect product for summer, it is definitely super light and the coverage is light to medium which is good because you don't want a full coverage in the summer months, it doesn't look very natural, in less obviously that's what you prefer.

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