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Thursday, 12 June 2014
I think this may have to be my favourite online shoe shop at the moment, I haven't actually purchased anything yet because I'm saving some money up but their shoes are so lovely and affordable and they even sell shoes that shops such as Topshop sell but for practically half the price, how amazing is that.

The four pairs of shoes above are the ones I personally picked off the website to show to you guys today (these are just images from the site, I don't own them). They have such a large variety ranging from dainty heels such as these gorgeous Alexia orange ankle cuff sandals that are also sold in black and two other colours, so have a pick. I would never go for a shoe so bright such as these but because of the gold hardware and also because summer is approaching, the sun is out and it deserves a colour like these.

They also sell plenty of chunky sandals which stood out to me the most, as you would already know if you read my previous post. I picked two pairs of chunky sandals, one pair being these silver ones which I would definitely never of worn but I think the trend is coming on to hard and i'm up for wearing anything and especially these. I also picked out the Janet white cleated sole sandal which co-ords with my 'White Wishlist' post, even though I think these may be off white/cream but they are still so lovely and would look amazing in the summer with nice painted bright toes, even neon coloured toes if you must or really want to stand out.

The last pair of shoes are the Nora black platform Chelsea boots and these are oh so the same as the ones sold in Topshop but half price! What a bargain, I'm not sure whether the quality is worse or better, because obviously I haven't got these but the photo makes them look good and I think these boots would overall be a statement piece as well as a simple pair of shoes that can be worn casually as well as dressed up in the evening, your choice!

I hope you've enjoyed looking as my picks from 'My1stWish' and if you like them, I advise you to buy them because they are super affordable, lovely shoes and they have such a variety so just have a search through. If and when I may purchase a few pairs, if you'd like me to style a look book for them then please comment and let me know.

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