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Monday, 9 June 2014
I started my fitness 'lifestyle' a good few weeks ago, and I feel as if it's the best go at fitness and being healthy as I've ever had, but I always get the weakness once in a while and sometimes it comes more often. The blueberry muffin or the chocolate bar, you always persuade your self away but you always end up eating it, it's a weakness and I think we all get times like this, some of us are just better at refusing a treat rather than eating it.

If your wondering why I chose to call it a lifestyle, it's because it makes me think of it has being something more important or bigger than just a diet which is quite usually short term. When I first started this lifestyle I did amazing for the first week, I ate no carbs at all. Breakfast would consist of fruit or Weetabix, then lunch would be a salad or soup with fruit and then dinner would purely be chicken and vegetables which doesn't sound the most exciting but I definitely saw small results on the scales. Now I wouldn't call myself fat, but just chubby, with some loose fat on the hips, slight muffin top, but I generally wanted to be healthier, fitter, and stronger, especially because I am prone to certain personal health problems that may be helped with a healthier lifestyle. So back on the food it was really good for first week, then second week I decided to incorporate some carbs such as wholemeal wraps for lunch or sweet potato for dinner, nothing too much but something more filling. Now about two weeks after this I have started snacking a lot more, and these are unhealthy snacks, such as crisps, popcorn, chocolate, carbs, fruit juices full of sugar. Don't get me wrong it sounds worse than it is. I have started to drink fresh lemon and lime water that I extremely enjoy with a workout, and it's great for your skin.

On to workouts, I do some light cardio in the house such as star jumps, jumping jacks, jogging on the spot. I also do a good few abs workouts which I have noticed slight improvement of my muffin top and love handles which is great. I recently also started to use weights which I have noticed make my top half a lot stronger and fitter and just a lot more defined. To add to this I started doing some home boxing, having a boxing bag in the house is a great bonus in the fitness section. I do really think it's helpful to do a lot more cardio workouts though, so once I get my trainers I'm going to start running in the morning and I also want to go on long park walks.

You may not find a purpose to this post at all, because reading it back makes me think I'm rambling on about myself and not helping anyway, but this is my journey to becoming healthy and fitter and I thought it would help myself to become more motivated if I write about it, but also maybe some of the things I do might interest and help you in some way.
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