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Tuesday, 10 June 2014
I am absolutely loving white at the moment, and it's strange because I incredibly love black and practically always wear it, I would be the person to say if a darker colour than black came out I would be wearing it. I just think that the suns out and white looks amazing and fresh and beautiful with a tan. These are three items I picked out on Topshop that I am loving, duffer coats are hugely in at the moment which is strange because you'd think people were taking off there coats, but this ones white and their super thin so why not? I've never been that brave to wear white nail polish but I know how good quality Topshop's nail polish is and this one has sparkles in which is really hard to tell from the photo, but it's beautiful. Lastly I am actually really really loving these skaters, I used to have a pair of the original vans years ago but these cheaper and much more stylish ones are lovely, and I think these would be perfect with some white skinny jeans or black if you must.

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