Fashion Friday | Sunnies out!

Friday, 6 June 2014
 Primark £2
H&M £5.99

The sun is out here in London today, well slightly going in now, but it was gorgeous earlier, a tad on the warm side as well which is extremely well the UK, usually it's just rain, boring old wet rain. Anyway thought it was good enough time to show you my new sunnies! they really are nothing special but I like them. I'll have to admit though I am always that person who wears sunglasses on the top of my head rather than over my eyes, I just think they're a great excuse for a bad hair day, just push them back and your good to go.

Don't you though just find it super annoying when you go somewhere such as H&M and find a pair for £5.99 (the pair above), which aren't even good quality and then walk into Primark and find exactly the same pair for £2. Well this happened to me, it was gutting because I actually think the Primark feel better quality and more sturdy. But I got the green/blue shade effect from Primark because I though they would be super cool for a festival to just add a fun vibe to your outfit, but at the same time look super chic, and yes I got a plain silver/mirrored pair too because they are just good overall, casual sunnies for everyday use.

You don't always need to purchase super expensive sunglasses, especially when you could be paying £200 for Raybans, which don't get me wrong are lovely glasses and really good quality, but if your like me and either brake or loose them all the time it's really not that worth it, and there are so many style glasses that you could buy them all if you knock off a few digits. However it's your choice, I am in no way saying you should never but Raybans because of price, because they are really good quality and would last a long time, just don't sit on them or leave them at the park, seriously don't, they cost a good few pounds.
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