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Monday, 22 September 2014

Milan fashion week as really been showcasing some of the most beautiful and amazing designs I have seen for a while, and it's all been very diverse. We've seen Moschino Barbie doll designs to Armani's sleek white and cool toned pieces, now I want to move on to some serious elegant designs, with a slight twist. Flicking through Instagram is where I find my fashion week coverage and today I found these amazing outfits, by the very talented duo Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce, known as Dolce&Gabbana.
I wasn't quite sure what theme they were designing by because I hadn't researched up much but after looking at the designs I thought it quite suited the theme of Gothic Romance. The collection, or shall I say in particular the pieces I've placed above are quite dark and mysterious, yet quite girly and floaty. I love this colour palette I think it all works very well, there's pieces which are entirely black or red, or there's also a mixture of the colour which I really like. The materials also stand out to me, because there's been a lot of sheer, lace and tassels being used, all which I like to see in a collection.
 The hair styled I think looks great, it's very sleek which contrasts to the floaty designs, and also the makeup is quite natural yet has the deep plum shade which gives it that gothic look. Over all I love this collection, in terms of it been designs for spring/summer 2015, I think the brighter white tones are more suited, however personally I wear black all year round so it's perfect.

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