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Wednesday, 24 September 2014
Hello everyone, this is a fairly late post but I might as well share it will you all. I had the privilege of being presented a press pass for the amazing London Fashion Weekend. If your not too sure what this is, it's the weekend after the manic fashion week which is only attended by officials in the industry such as designers, bloggers, writers, I'm sure you get where I'm coming from. However the weekend gives the public the opportunity to experience it as well, which I think is pretty amazing. You can either buy bronze, silver, gold or VIP luxe tickets which is obviously the most expensive ticket buts it's a great experience. You get champagne, front row catwalk experience and a great goody bag filled with amazing gifts, sounds pretty worth it. This post will contain my whole experience of the weekend and also my observations of the publics trends.

First trend that I cannot miss I that everyone loves the colour black which may be understandable because we've just made it into autumn so everyone wants to tone it down a notch and as stylish as everybody looks, it does all kind of look the same which is quite unfortunate but still so stylish, well done guys. To be honest I'm sitting here myself wearing monochrome so I can't talk much stylish fashion talk. Fedora hats are one of my loves at the moment and I think everyone else's too. I own one but I'm not sure I've had much wear of it since I brought it but they really do add some style to an outfit.

As I was writing this post I've just spoken to a fellow blogger over in London from the US and she's wearing the most amazing bright jewelled necklace which brings me onto another trend of this season. The bolder and brighter the accessories specifically a necklace is a huge plus to your outfit. Bora Aksu, a designer showcased at London Fashion Week, loved statement jewelled necklaces with his designs, and although they were quite suttle, they still made up the outfit.

Being at London Fashion Weekend, is great because you get to see the publics play at fashion, some who may not have an influence of fashion but just enjoyed going for the day out. It's extremely interesting and inspirational. On the day I listed several different items that I saw most on the public, these were bright floral's, shawls, leather, leopard print and quilted boots. Now I wasn't quite with the quilted boots, as they've never really appealed to me, but I saw a lot leather being worn in the form of skirts, dungarees, jackets and trousers, and I absolutely love a bit of leather. Also leopard print was also worn in multiple forms which were as trousers, skirts and scarves but again, I've tried and test wearing this print before and totally got turnt off it. But everyone to their own likes and dislikes. I've hoped you enjoyed this post and come back to the blog again.
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