Fashion | Moschino turns Barbie #MFW

Friday, 19 September 2014
Last year Moschino pulled McDonalds out of the bag which was a huge craze with many a-listers such as Rita Ora, Katy Perry, and the fashionista which is Anna Dello Russo, which means it must of been something special. I have to admit though it was a fun idea to come up with, not a lot of designers would of got the coverage Moschino did. Their quilted bags were quite special I thought they were a limited edition of Chanel or a big mac and chips were going to be pulled out, but that wouldn't of been very professional.
Anyhow enough of what was showcased last time, it's about time I get onto what happened this time at Italy's renowned Milan fashion week. Moschino hit the craze off again with Barbie. Yes I definitely said Barbie. However crazy it is, I was so excited looking at the designs, who cannot wait to see Anna Dello Russo walking round in a pink, PVC two piece. Although I don't think we'll see that, would be pretty cool though. As pink would probably the most expected colour to see in a Barbie collection, there was an array on different colours, blues, yellows, whites etc. Absolutely wonderful. I'm just looking forward to seeing this collection on the streets.

(last fashion week collection)

(current fashion week collection)

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