May Haul '15

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

So I've been back down to Oxford Street today in London if you not to sure where that is, mainly because I had to return an item to Zara but then I ended up spending a little bit too, which I probably shouldn't of done, but my wardrobe is hugely depressing me at the moment and I feel like it needs switching up, even though I've just went out and brought four black items, so it doesn't really make a difference. Any who lets get on with it. 

1. Black Long Line Jacket (Primark) £17

I've wanted a jacket like this for so long, because they are so popular and I know this isn't me really being an indivdual and unique getting something that literally everyone else has but I've walked past it so many times in Primark and never picked it up, but now as the weathers getting better and I want to get out of my leather jacket, I thought this would be a good alternative. I also really like it for the fact that it can be worn casual and at work or you can dress it up for the evening. It was £17 which I thought at first was expensive but it's a jacket and it should get some good wear. By the way I think £17 is amazing for a jacket but I hate spending a lot in Primark thats all. 

2. Black High Waisted Skinny Jeans (Primark) £10

I already had a pair of these jeans that I brought quite a while ago and I literally wear them every day (washed daily of course) but what I love about these are there extremely similar to the Topshop Joni Jeans but with the Primark Jeans the colour doesn't run out when you wash them which I think is great and they don't go baggy and there only £10, so a complete and utter bargain. 

3. Turtle Neck Black Dress (Topshop) £20

I'm sorry you can't really see the items well in the photo it's hard doing a haul on a blog post than it is on YouTube for example so I may do another post soon of these item's styled in a lookbook, because this dress, the way i've folded it, will look to you like a top, but it's not it's a dress. I got this because it's nice, simple and basic which I really like and it's turtle neck with no sleeves so good for the warmer weather. They do actually have it in like five colours including green, grey and white which is good to suit everyones colour preferences. 

4. Black Skater Skirt (H&M) £7.99

The only reason I brought this skirt is because I work in a salon where everyone has to wear black and this is just easy to style up for work and also quite comfortable and I was in next of a new one. 

5. Feather Thin Strap Top (H&M) £7.99

I love this top because it'll be great for the summer months and i love feathers and (loads of "ands", sorry) I really like these straps, I've made quite the collection of "Spaghetti" strap tops. 

6. Face Masks (H&M) £0.99 each

Last but not least a couple of face masks from H&M because I've used all my ones brought from last time I went shopping and I really like the H&M ones because they do so many different scents which all do different things for your skin. My favourite is the Cucumber Peel off mask. 

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