Met Gala Best & Worst Dressed

Tuesday, 5 May 2015
I love it when a big event happens in the fashion industry because it's the perfect time to write a post and I feel like i've just written this post about last years Met Gala but now it was 2015s time to have a go, and i'm back with my best and worst post, I hope you enjoy and comment who you best and worst dressed was.


Sarah Jessica Parker - I feel like although this was one of the most unusual outfits worn at the Met Gala it was most suited to the theme "China: Through the Looking Glass". Sorry for not picking a full length shot but I personally thought the main part of the outfit was the top of the dress and the head piece which looked stunning, especially with her makeup which is centred around her eyes with a smokey look. 

Kim Kardashian - I just want to start of first but saying how over all amazing she looks on the red carpet and then saying how beautiful her dress was. Head to toe jewels and I love that it's in white, up against her olive skin tone it stands out amazingly. The fur trail on the bottom of the dress just makes it that even more special, and I love that she had her hair slicked back off her face with simple/natural makeup, it makes the look all about the dress and that beautiful body. 

Beyonce - It's as if both Bey and Kim were planning their outfit's together because they are very similar but in the same way incredibly different. Beyonce's dress is a lot sheerer that Kim's and leaves a little less to the imagination but I love again how she's choose to wear her hair slicked back in a super high pony tail with simple makeup. 


Katy Perry - I love Katy Perry and usually most of everything she wears but what's going on? I really am not a fan of this dress at all, it's frumpy and bold in the wrong way. And her hair shouldn't be cut like that because I don't think it suits her (Hopefully it's a wig?). I like the fact there both matching but maybe could of matched in something a little nicer on the eye perhaps?

Rihanna - I didn't like this outfit as soon as I looked at it, I actually don't know what to say about it, I suppose I just really don't like the colour or maybe the colour clashes with the red carpet, I'm not too certain but it's probably one of the worst. Sorry Rihanna fans!

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