Cannes Film Festival '15 Best & Worst Dressed

Thursday, 14 May 2015
It's that time again where we can feast our eyes on some beautiful dresses and dreamy looking woman, where they dress up for the international Cannes Film Festival. I love these type of events, because my favourite type of posts to write what are my best and worst dressed. I've got three good and two bad for you today which is good because it's better to have more bests that worsts, right? Good, well lets get on with it, and I hope you enjoy this post. Let me know down in the comments your thought's on who was best and worst dressed. 


Naomi Watts - As soon as I see Naomi Watt's wearing this gown I knew that it was designed by my favourite dress designer Elie Saab, it's just incredible you can never miss one of these designs. They are always so glamorous and sexy but elegant and I think she wore this beautifully with her hair in an simple up do with natural makeup and a jewel necklace absolutely beautiful 10 out of 10. 

Lupita Nyong - Lupita always seems to pull it out of the bag and she did not disappoint this time round, I think the shade of green complimented her so well and the style of dress with the super low V cleavage and the soft, flowy chiffon material laid so beautifully and again the hair in and up do really showed off the amazing detailing and the neck of the dress. 

Karlie Kloss - Karlie went for something a little more daring and provocative but she did it in such a classy way and come on with a body like that why not show off a little midriff and those toned arms.


Natalie Portman - It would be bad of me to say I totally disliked this dress because I don't, I do actually really like the dress I just think for such a big occasion and being on the red carpet, the dress clashed with the carpet and she just didn't really stand out which is a shame. Obviously that is only my opinion and you may all think I'm ridiculous , but I do like the dress it's just I think she could of maybe had it in a different colour. 

Julianne Moore - I wasn't too keen on Julianne's choice of attire on this occasion, I didn't really like the pairing of the top style and bottom style of the dress. I think if maybe the dress was fully like the bottom part, it could of looked a lot nicer, but I just wasn't keen on the top. 

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