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Monday, 18 May 2015

Kylie Jenner - Kylie has always been a style inspiration for me as I love absolutely everything she wears and although I wouldn't particularly wear this outfit myself because it isn't my type of dress I definitely think she looks beautiful and pulls it off. I also love how simple and sophisticated Kylie's hair and makeup has been done, otherwise if she would of had a bold eye and lip the outfit could of turn't out a lot more tacky. 

Taylor Swift - How beautiful does Taylor look?! Similarly to Kylie I love everything Taylor wears and this no exception, her amazing slim, tall body is elongated in this seventies style jumpsuit. Also what's pretty cool about this outfit is her clutch bag which doesn't entirely go with the jumpsuit but for this reason it stands out. And I'm not too sure what it says on the bag but I'm guess it says 'bad blood' which is the name of her new single which can I just say, the music video is pretty damn cool. 

Celine Dion - All hale to this fine beauty. Come on who looks this damn good at 47! She looks absolutely beautiful and this dress which a lot of people would probably say is a little young for her to be wearing, well no it definitely isn't, well not in this case when you have a body like that to be rocking, and I love the colour of this dress, I have a leather skirt in this shade of green and i love it so much. 

Chrissy Teigen - I never knew of Chrissy before she was in John Legends "All Of Me" music video and since then she has been rocking the style stakes. Literally I think she's my new favourite style inspiration, she also pulls everything off. On to the actual outfit though, I'm loving this seventies inspired jumpsuit, similarly to Taylor Swift's jumpsuit as well. The seventies trend is definitely a biggen.  


Mariah Carey - I've realised I think over the past year Mariah Carey has put on some weight, which in no way am I trying critise I think she stills look beautiful but I just think that this dress doesn't particularly suit her figure. I think the skirt is way to short and if I'm totally honest I don't actually like the dress I think it looks really cheap and thought she could of done a lot better. 

Dencia - I've never heard of Dencia before this red carpet appearance but now I do she definitely loves to experiment with her style thats for sure. I don't understand it though, obviously you may think I dislike this because it's not my style but I just think it's horrible. Obviously I think everyone should be unique in their own way and so I put my hands up to her for that but everyone has an opinion and mine is that this is a very horrible outfit. However I do like her hair and makeup, so points for that. 

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