Trends Noticed on the Highstreet SS15

Monday, 4 May 2015
Hello everyone I'm back with a proper post, I say 'proper', because I feel like I haven't done a written post for a while, it's just been a few photos here and there. So I'm back with a proper post as I have just said at the beginning. I love the high-street because you can find so many cool, exciting pieces, although saying that I also do like designer, however I haven't the money to splash out of Chanel pieces, although if I did, I definitely would, just saying. Were currently in Spring here in the UK, which is one of my favourite seasons of the year second to summer of course, but we rarely get a decent summer so it's not that different to spring. Spring/Summer I personally think have the best clothes of the year, no horrible wooly jumpers or oversized ugly jackets, but pretty florals and at the moment a hella load of suede which I am loving completely. So this post is going to be trends that I have spotted floating around the high street stores, lets go!

70s Flares

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned the flares in a previous post but they've made a come back and they are absolutely every where, and I absolutely love them, however I don't think I can pull them off. In no way am I discriminating against different body shapes but I personally think having shorter legs I couldn't pull them off, I could be wrong maybe I'll try them out some day but from what I'm expecting, they won't look the best. These can be found in every single high street store as far as I can think, and can be found in all different colours and patterns. 

Missguided Daisy Print Wide Leg Trousers £35


The suede has also been mentioned previously and again it's one of my favourite trends going, I think it's stylish, classy and expensive looking, depending on which type of suede you choose to get. I've been lusting over a camel toned, a-line suede skirt for so long but mostly everyone I've seen are priced around £60 to £80 which I think is quite pricey for one skirt but can be totally worth it, and I think they look incredible styled for a festival. 

ASOS Wrap Skirt in Suede £65


Denim has always been a popular choice of clothing with jeans, skirts, shirts and on and on but recently I've seen it a lot more than usual, and also a trend seen on many celebs is double denim, which you didn't think that one would come back did you? I'm not hugely a fan of double denim but the celebs are and you can find plenty of denim on the high street at the moment.


Festival fashion is great, I have always loved it and I love looking at all the different ways people style them selves for all the different festivals. Most recently Coachella was on and I personally think thats a great festival to take fashion style tips from because although the biggest festival in the UK is Glastonbury it's a 100% camping festival so people don't usually look to great and to be honest look like they need a good wash but Coachella is part camping but a lot of people choose not to so they all rock up with pristine hair and makeup and styled head to toe in pure and other beautifulness. At the moment in particular in H&M they have a range named 'Coachella' with some really cool pieces and totally affordable.

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