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Monday, 25 August 2014
1. Perfection Lumiere Velvet 2. COCO Mademoiselle 3. Vitalumiere Compact Douceur
So I recently, or shall I say at the beginning of the month travelled to Greece for my yearly summer family holiday, and although I adore the family time, sometimes I think the best part of the holiday is actually the travelling as I get to spend some money on the makeup counters in the airport. I travelled via London Luton and although it's a crappy airport because it's quite small, I do quite like it. Well I probably like it because there's a MAC counter and a Chanel one so I was quite in my element. Above are the few items/products which I happily purchased myself as a yearly, save all your pennies treat. (It really does help saving your twos and ones). Accept I didn't buy the perfume my dad did for my mum, but it looked pretty in the picture so who cares.
1. Perfection Lumiere Velvet
I have for a very long time wanted to try this foundation and upon countless trips to a Chanel counter I decided it was the perfect time to spend the cash. I am quite uneducated about the Chanel products as I don't see myself always spending that much money on a foundation, but I did watch many reviews on this particular one explaining that it was a must. It's super light, which is perfect for me as a thick foundation can look a little caked, and it applies really lovely and gives the nicest, smoothest complexion.
2. COCO Mademoiselle
I haven't got much I can say about this perfume as it just smells amazing, and is my mums choice every single year without a doubt. Buy this!
3.Vitalumiere Compact Douceur
This was another product that I was very happy to purchase, it was quite unexpected as I had no intention I even wanted it but I had some spare cash on me and thought that if I have the foundation I might as well have the powder. I do love this power its silky smooth, and light. It could possibly be too light and under coverage for an every day cover up as I have quite problematic skin, however if you have clear skin or just want a super light coverage then I would definitely recommend.
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