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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Magnitone London Review 

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all well, this has been a long awaited post and it's finally here, I was gifted this Magnitone Sonic Face Brush when I attended the Blogger's London Fashion Week hosted by Bloggers Hangout, a few months ago now. I didn't want to do a review straight away on this because I had to see how it worked and what benefits or bad points there are for this. But now that I have fully tested it out, it's a great time to talk about it. 

Magnitone was founded in 2013 and is now stocked in some great stores, which is great because it means it's easier for you to get your hands on one. They come in different packages and colours, pink obviously being my favourite, super girly. Whether you want to exfoliate or have silky soft skin, there are different replacement brushes for you to choose from. There are many different branded Sonic Face Brushes out on the market, ranging from all different prices, from £20 all the way up to £150, however the Magnitone comes in at £70, which your probably thinking well that's quite pricey, but from my experience of using the brush, I think it's the perfect price because I can tell it's going to last a long time!

One of my favourite aspects of the Magnitone Sonic Face Brush, is the built in timer. Press the button once and you have a sixty second timer. Every twenty seconds your hear a beep to move on to a different part of your face. So I start with twenty seconds on my forehead, then twenty seconds on my cheeks and then the remaining twenty seconds on my nose and chin. Sounds amazing already doesn't it?

I've never ever used any type of facial cleansing brush on my skin before, I barely even had a skin routine, but since having this, it's my number one priority and it's super fun to use. I guess I was a little scared with the vibration but it's feels relaxing after a while. What I love about this brush and the company in particular is that they don't force anything upon you, so I've enquired about other similar brushes in Selfridges etc, and they always expect you to use the same branded facial wash and cleansers. However with Magnitone you can use which ever cleanser you choose to, I like to switch mine up once in a while. 

So a little background information on my skin, I have combination skin, so dry forehead, but oily nose and chin, this does tend to change depending on the season, and as I said previously I had a really poor skin care routine, I just used to splash my face with water and that was it but on days where I prefer to wear a little more makeup then usual, this is bad because it means your not entirely getting all the makeup off, and I only use a makeup remover wipe, and lets be honest there not the best. So when I started using the Magnitone my skin felt a lot cleaner and less clogged up pores. I also definitely saw a change in my skin, my blemishes were fading and definitely didn't get them as often. 

I hope you liked this review and may possibly want to try it out for you self because it's definitely worth it! To check out the Magnitone London Website click HERE.

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