Monday, 12 October 2015
Chi Chi London - Autumn Picks

Hello Everyone! So I am a sucker for online stores, I used to be someone who would never look at them because I'd much rather go to the shops and have a real feel for the clothes but online clothing stores have become a lot more consistent and kind of, do the better clothes if I'm totally honest and a lot more affordable too, so I love to have a good browse of the web from time to time. I recently become aware of a really cool online fashion store named Chi Chi London , the name is linked if you decide you want to take a look. It's a great store because it's super simple they don't stock a huge amount stocked, but they have really nice statement pieces. & what's great is they cater for different sizes so they have the petite range and also the plus size range which is always to most important. As it is now Autumn, and I haven't really done any type of Autumn related posts, I thought why not pick out my favourite pieces from the Chi Chi London site so you guys can get a feel for it and you might even want to get a piece your self, and possibly in the future I might even style a look book for you all. 

Jeans HERE
Sunglasses HERE
Fur Coat HERE
Shoes HERE

So I've put together this little outfit here which is made up of some of my favourite pieces from the Chi Chi London Online Store, it's also most definitely suited for Autumn/Winter. I've picked out these light washed, ripped, mom jeans because although I always personally wear black jeans these are great to brighten an outfit, especially when everyone else is looking a little drab and also because of the grey shaded top i've picked I thought it would be great to use something a little lighter in the outfit. Now I love this top I think it's beautiful, it's very Bora Aksu from London Fashion Week, this crotchet, platted design is very on trend and looks great with just a pair of jeans. Obviously because it's an outfit for the cold we've to have a coat right? We do not want frost bite. Now I am loving fur coats, I haven't got one myself yet but after seeing this one I think I definitely know where I'm going to be buying one, and it's only £37.99!! Then for the shoes we've gone for something a little more on the dressy side but can still be worn down, these wonderful black netted, peep toe booties, I think they are gorgeous and the heel isn't too big that there un walkable. I hope you loved this outfit guys and tell me what you think, in the comment box below. 
To visit Chi Chi London Click here - or you can find the link on the left hand side of the page. 

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