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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Hello my lovelies, today you are very lucky because you get two posts. I really wanted to do this one today and just something little, as I was having a little look on Public Desire as you do, because they have amazing shoes! And I came across these four pairs, well actually come across like ten pairs, but I can't be greedy. But instead of keeping them in my head why not share them with you, I suppose I think of this blog as my little mood board or a piece of paper to jot notes down for a later time. For some reason most of the shoes I'd chosen where in the colour Khaki, which is strange because i've never actually owned a Khaki coloured pair of shoes, so I guess it's time to change that. It's fashion week coming in a couple of weeks and I need to start deciding on some outfits and of course I need a pair of heels so I think I better start shopping. 

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