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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

I am a huge fan of Little Mix, even more recently after constantly tuning in to listen to every different live performance of their number one single Black Magic, because it's absolutely amazing and I can't get enough of it, I suppose neither can anyone else, seen as though it's been number one for weeks. But most particularly what I love about these girls is their unique sense of style. Even from the beginning of their career in the music industry they've always differed uniquely due to their great fashion choices. The grunge dark, rock chick choices of Jesy, to Jade's sweet disney princess style, to Leighanne's  classic pieces, right to Perrie's boho chic fashion choices. All so very different, but incredibly stylish. In todays post I thought I'd team together my own Little Mix outfits right from the high street, so if you fancy taking inspiration from a particular mixer lady then you have it right here. 

Jesy Nelson 

Jesy's Outfit

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So for Jesy's outfit I have styled this from my favourite online shop Missguided, except for the shoes which are one of my personal favourite shoe brands Vagabond. Firstly just a little in sight in to Jesy's personal style, from my point of view she has a very grunge way of styling, which I love! One of my favourite parts of her outfits is her heavy styling of accessories, such as rings, necklaces and also she loves a good pair of chunky black boots, which looks great on her. The outfit i've chosen for her is very much similar to her style. I've chosen this lace, bardot playsuit, because she's seen quite a lot in playsuits as well lace material, and a playsuit is great for the stage so you keep covered and don't risk no malfunctions, but you also get to show off your legs, it is still summer after all. Jesy also likes to wear kimono's a lot of time, which is great to add to an outfit, they can be super basic or super crazy, but I've gone for this velvet printed, tassel one. These colours are great for the autumn which is soon approaching and also velvet in my eyes is quite a grungy material. The boots had to be chunky, and I love these ones by Vagabond , simple but chunky just what I could see Jesy wearing. For accessories I've gone with a fedora hat to grunge it up and also this chunky silver necklace, great to add to a black outfit. I would also add chunky rings but I had no space left on my collage so sorry about that haha. 

Jade Thirwall

Jades Outfit

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So this next outfit is for the lovely,  beautiful Jade, I feel as though I'm referring to these girls as if I know them, well I don't, it will be cool though I think they would be great fun. But from watching interviews etc, Jade seems the quiet, sweet one. This outfit is a little similar to one of the photo's above, in terms of the skirt and shoes but I just really loved this and thought it would look great on her. As much as Jade's style is more girly and floaty pieces nothing too rock chick in comparison to Jesy, but she also likes to have fun with her style and switch is up. So I've styled this skirt and bardot top for sweet Jade but added the black shoes for a more daring Jade, and I think the fur pom pom on the shoes makes them quite girly even though they are black. 

Leigh Anne Pinnock

Leigh Anne's Outfit

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Clutch (Unfortunately not available anymore)

I love this outfit I've put together for Leigh Anne it's the perfect evening outfit but can also be styled for interviews or photoshoots. As I said previously at the beginning of this post, Leigh Anne's style is very classic and pristine. So I mostly see her wear structured, one colour pieces, very sophisticated, slightly more formal/smarter dressed. I've chose to go with a cream and gold colour palette as I think the cream would compliment Leigh Anne's skin tone very well, and as I was working around this playsuit, because I love it! I have chosen gold accessories to match the belt. For an even bolder statement look the clutch bag could be changed for a colour more bolder. 

Perrie Edwards

Perrie's Outfit

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I think this outfit is perfect for Perrie, it most possibly looks quite similar to an outfit she's worn already but I think these type of pieces suit her the most. I loved this dress, I think Perrie's got an amazing figure and so this body con dress will show that off perfectly especially with the spaghetti straps. This Topshop suede tassel gilet is perfect for getting the boho chic, festival look and as the dress is quite simple it will add to the outfit greatly. I've then picked out these gladiator strappy sandals, again very similar to in one of the pictures above, but they look great on her and why not have another pair? Then last but not least to top this look off a gold head chain, Perrie's often seen with head pieces and I think this gold one would look beautiful up against her beach blonde locks. 

Well that's it from me today, I really hope you enjoyed this post and would like to see more because there are plenty of other celebs looks I would love to cover. Let me know in the comments if there is any one in particular you would like to see. I did these girls first because I'm obsessed with their individuality within their fashion looks. 

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