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Monday, 14 September 2015

Last week I attended a really exciting event called Blogger's London Fashion Week(BLFW), if you are a blogger youself you may have heard of this, or you may have not. It was hosted by an organisation called Bloggers Hangout, who are great when it comes to beginner bloggers. If you want to meet other bloggers, attend events, or get to know brands, and just overall network. Because networking is the most important aspect when it comes to have a business online. A blog may not seem like a business but after a while if you do your best at it, it can become a business, but an incredibly fun job right? There's nothing i'd love more than to be a full time blogger, because I honestly feel pure joy at sitting down and writing for you all to read my stuff, it means a lot. What I've only realised now however is that it is important to make connections and relationships with fellow bloggers and brands, so I try my hardest at social media and events. 

Anyway back to the actual event, because I've seemed to ramble off. BFLW was hosted at the OXO Tower on Southbank, such an amazing location, really big space. There were two sessions, session one was at two o'clock until a time i'm forgotten, and then session two was six until nine, so good amount of time to get to know some new people and have a good laugh. Events can be extremely daunting if your attending alone and don't know anyone, because usually you walk in and everyone's got in there little groups, which I'm sure their all lovely but it's easier to be with someone. So I met up with a lovely blogger I had spoken to over twitter and we went together (don't just meet anyone off the internet, make sure they are actually who they say they are!) which made it a lot easier, I don't want to make this sound really scary because it isn't but it's just nice to be with someone else. 

Inside theres a Dj, playing some current tunes which really got the party going, and you either spend your time speaking with other bloggers getting to know what they do and how they've got to where they are, which is really interesting and can help you, or spend your time in the gifting lounge which is amazing! Because I'm new to the blogging scene and going to events it's surprising that you can be gifted with some absolutely amazing products and items. My favourite was the Magnitone Face Cleansing brush, I have wanted one for ever! and to be given one is amazing, and the ladies were very lovely as was all the other brand ambassadors, but do look out for a review on the Magnitone because I will definitely be doing one. If you'd like to know anything else about this event then just comment in the down box and ill try get back to you straight away! 

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