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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Victoria Secret Wish List

Hey everyone! So in my last post I let you all know i'd be doing a Victoria Secret Wish List and here is is! And be warned it contains a lot of stripes! I am completely obsessed with Victoria Secret (VS) at the moment and even though I don't own one piece from VS, I will soon enough! I am visiting New York City in June and I saving quite a bit. Although I live in London and we have VS here, I do find it quite expensive and I think it's only right that I buy a load of stuff while in New York, it just makes it a lot more exciting. The one item I have been totally obsessing over and trying the find is the  official VS Fashion Show robe and it has recently since the show just been released, but it's a £100 so I'm not sure whether I will purchase that, but I do absolutely adore it, imagine how glamorous you'd feel, strutting around your bedroom while getting ready for a night on the town, or for bed depending on your age, sorry young ones. Second item I love so much is the four piece travel set, I think it's so cool, because you can put makeup in one, wash essentials in another etc, but yet it's all in one case, so  I think it's perfect for anyone travelling. Then we have the satin stripe pyjama's, which I love and have wanted for the longest time, similar the the robe, I think a little silk makes you feel a lot sexier, even being covered up! & last but not least the Demi Bra modelled by the most beautiful Angel in the World! Candice. How gorgeous is the colour of the bra set, coral/orange is one of my favourite colours to wear as I feel it suits my skin tone nicely and especially when you have a tan. Hope you've enjoyed this post, what's on your wish list?

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