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Friday, 27 May 2016

So there's no hiding the fact that my favourite hobby is to shop, isn't it every bloggers? But I used to love hitting the town and checking out all the new collections in stores, but more recently I love online! I just feel like the collections are nicer, more affordable and change a lot more regularly than in store. I've got my four favourite online shops, that I think everyone should know about which alot of you mostly probably do.


The first is possibly the most well known to you all and that is www.missguided.co.uk, if I am ever in need of an outfit for any type of occasion, Missguided will definitely be my first option for looking and most certainly find something within the right budget. They have so much choice to choose from, and are always bringing in new collections to check out and are always so on trend. Below are some of my favourite pieces from the site at the moment. Perfect spring/summer pieces.
1. Playsuit £30 | 2. Bomber £25 | 3. Dress £28 | 4. Bardot Dress £30


My second favourite online shop is a global brand and that is www.asos.com. ASOS is one of the most well known online clothing sites in the world, i'm bascially giving you what you already know, so sorry about that, but if you for some reason didn't know about the amazing site then you do now. ASOS sells it's own brand but it also sells tons of others to which is amazing because you get to see and buy different brands all in one order. & if you spend £20 or over you get free standard delivery amazing right? Again below are some of my favourite pieces for the season over on the site. 

Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing is an online store similar to Missguided and you may see similar items, but it's just as amazing as Missguided because there's so much choice and great prices. 
Princess Polly

Last but definitely not least, it's not a brand based in the UK, it's Australian called Princess Polly, and I absolutely love Australian boutiques, the clothing is amazing, it's just the prices that are slightly too high, especially delivery costs, but sometimes it can be worth it I suppose. I've never actually ordered from this store but I will definitely in the future.  

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