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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

So I have recently been after a pair of sunnies, which is odd and a little bit overdue, the weather in the UK right now is dismal, grey and rain. Therefore you might think I'm a little weird to want some now, however I love the look of sunnies in the winter sun and believe it or not we do get winter sun here in the UK, and I suppose summer will come back at some point so your always need some. All the sunglasses I've owned in the past have probably all been brought from Primark, truth is I haven't bothered much at all with buying a nice expensive pair, but  I think it's time and I've my eye on the perfect pair and have done for such a long time, since seeing Kourtney Kardashian wearing them, they are the Tom Ford, Natasha cat eye's in rose gold. Absolutely stunning. This photo above is not mine, I found it on Google, but thought it was the best photo to showcase these amazing sunnies, how gorgeous. They are a little on the pricey side for $380, sorry could only find the price in dollars, but you get the point. Expensive but I think totally worth it!
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